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You can't beet this! 

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Meet Iris

You could say, like many dietitians, that I am a foodie. Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies. I love cooking, trying new dishes and experimenting in the kitchen – it is very therapeutic for me. Cooking for others is also one of the ways in which I show other people that I care about them. I think the power that food has in bringing people together is a really beautiful thing and is the main reason I got into this field. My philosophy is to create experiences that lead to good food and good times. I do this by cultivating a positive relationship with food through the various services I offer.

What can a dietitian help you with? 

I work with all kinds of clients on an individual basis to meet their health goals. I also provide group wellness presentations and workshops. Check out my Services page to see if I can meet your needs. Not sure where to begin? Book a Discovery Call with me so we can discuss your options.


"I went to Iris hoping to get some advice on my diet during my pregnancy because I was feeling dysfunctionally tired all the time. She gave me a very personalized analysis of my diet, supplements and overall lifestyle. I can honestly say the changes I've made because of Iris' advice have changed my entire pregnancy. I have so much more energy, can think clearer and overall just feel more well physically and mentally." - Lauren 

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